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πŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Tara and I help small businesses solve people problems.

I truly can’t thank Tara enough for the HR consulting work she did on behalf of our small business! Tara is a true professional and understands the nuances of how to navigate sensitive HR situations.

β€” Emily M (co-founder/co-president) was a client

Tara has the expertise and devotes the time to efficiently take care of the HR needs of a small business. As my firm was growing, Tara guided us through the hiring process and helped us put pieces in place that we knew needed, and other pieces we didn’t!

β€” Michael M (attorney) was a client

“Tara was able to take some of the most challenging staffing situations and employment situations and walk through them with empathy to the affected employees and never losing sight of what needed to be done for the corporation.

β€” Penni Weston | Health Care Administrator

You started your business because you love what you do

Managing people quickly becomes a significant time investment for the average small business owner. It doesn’t have to be this way.

man looking at phone in front of his computer

You're spending 20 hours a week managing "people problems" instead of growing your business.

You're capable of growing, but staffing issues are limiting your potential.

two men looking at plans on a table together
woman holding her head in despair

You went into business to be your own boss, not get stuck in a bureaucratic stack of regulations.

Why you might need my help

man's hand with a wristwatch on

βœ… Out Of Time

Your time is better spent on your business, not the minutiae of managing HR challenges.Β 

waves crashing on rocks

βœ… Out of your depth

You’re not sure what the answers are or where to start with managing people problems.

motorcycle spinning out it's back tire

βœ… Spinning Your Wheels

The things that worked when you were a smaller business are no longer producing results.

What can you expect from me?

Compliance & Advising

Grow your business the right way. I can run HR audits, help create and review job descriptions, personnel policies and employee handbooks.

Trainings & development

Elevate your team to the next level as I host trainings, conduct staff engagement surveys and management development trainings.


Offload all your HR challenges. I handle investigations (harassment, discrimination, wage claims, etc) and offer general telephone and email support.

Try before you buy

Bring your biggest HR challenge and we’ll discuss potential solutions. If you like my answers, we talk about ongoing support.Β 

step 1 - schedule a call
step 2 - get feedback
step 3 - solve your people problems

Let's Schedule a Call

Tara is a strategic and innovative Human Resources professional with over 25 years experience in supporting companies and top executives as they translate their business vision into HR initiatives.

Tara’s HR career began in a small, family-owned manufacturing company. She has also worked in the not-for-profit and health care industries. She is currently the owner of SoFo Solution Focused HR, LLC, a consulting firm that helps businesses solve their HR challenges. Tara is an empowering leader with a unique perspective and appreciation that human capital is every organization’s greatest asset.

Tara McCafferty

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    “I have had the opportunity to work with Tara McCafferty for several years now. She is the best resource for HR and employee issues that come up in my busy dental practice. I don’t have time to examine and treat patients AND deal with the HR issues and concerns that come up in any business. I know when I contact her, she will answer my questions and help me problem solve. I would strongly recommend SoFo Solution Focused HR to anyone needing assistance in HR!”


    β€” Sara Anderson, DDS | Dental Practice Owner

    “Tara handles herself and each situation professionally and has proven her ability to think on her feet and offer quick solutions to immediate problems. She is inspired by challenges and never intimidated. Tara acts as a comprehensive liaison insuring consistency with employee relations while covering any liability for the company. She is an exceptional leader in the HR profession and in my 15 years of HR experience I have never worked with anyone with more talent.”

    β€” Jill Rich | HR Manager

    “Tara was able to take some of the most challenging staffing situations and employment situations and walk through them with empathy to the affected employees and never losing sight of what needed to be done for the corporation. This is a unique talent of hers that I have not experienced many times in working.”

    β€” Penni Weston | Health Care Administrator

    I had the opportunity to get to know Tara McCafferty while serving on a non- profit board during a challenging time for the organization. Tara’s leadership, advice and strategies provided a roadmap to address many issues. Tara is a good listener too, which is priceless when you are addressing challenging situations and people. I highly recommend Tara.

    β€” Ricia B (consultant, not-for-profit) was a client.

    Tara McCafferty came highly recommended by a follow board member of a fast-growing nonprofit organization with a small staff.

    I was impressed with how Tara accurately assessed the agency’s challenges. It had to be her years of experience that allowed her to guide the organization through a very difficult time. She provided us with solid HR advice, policies, separation strategies, and new job descriptions.

    Thanks to Tara’s focused HR solutions, we were able to transition successfully into our current growth phase.

    In short, Tara approached our situation in a professional and direct manner while treating our entire staff with dignity and respect.

    β€” Bonnie B (non-profit board chair) was a client.

    I met Tara through a networking association. We are a small business without a dedicated HR manager on staff, so when we had a personnel incident that needed immediate expert attention and guidance, we called Tara. She was quick to respond with onsite advice and stayed by our side until we had a resolution. Since then, Tara has provided group training and audited our HR procedures. We will definitely be using Tara again as an HR advisor or fractional HR manager.

    β€” Steve M (General Manager) was a client

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